2 Essential Questions Will Determine America’s Future

2 Essential Questions Will Determine America’s Future by DAVID LANE for Charisma News

In his commentary on 1 and 2 Kings, Dr. Peter J. Leithart brings up the problem of spiritual apathy and indifference to idolatry: “Europeans discovered that theology was bloodily divisive and concluded that the only way to restore comparative harmony was to expunge theology from the public square, forcing theological decision and debate into the recesses of the conscience or, at best, safely behind the walls of the church. Christian capitulation to secular politics—more the rule than the exception in the modern church—is nothing less than apostasy, a denial of the gospel that announces Jesus as Lord.”

Taking their cues from Renaissance idolaters centuries before, the liberal Warren Court in the mid-20th century devised a strategy to stamp out Christianity from American culture, employing the Abington School District v. Schempp case.

Just as Roman emperor Diocletian [244-311] failed to eradicate Christianity, despite giving it his utmost, so it will go with any push for Christianity’s burial, “for the living have no tomb” (Charles H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of David).

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Progressives appear unable to understand that moral knowledge is of higher value than learning by rote or blind memorization. In Proverbs, Solomon sagely esteemed “fear of the Lord” as “the beginning of knowledge” and “wisdom” as “the principal thing,” delineating the theological and epistemological foundation of knowledge.

Impossible to be acquired through present-day secular education, moral knowledge can only be gained through the provision and incentive of exemplary moral character, as opposed to those living in folly, whose moral deficiency prompts their irrational behavior (Bruce K. Waltke, Proverbs Commentary).

“[In the economy of God], wisdom (hokma) is inseparable from knowledge (da’at). A person [for example] could memorize the book of Proverbs and still lack wisdom if it did not affect his heart, which informs behavior. Hokma in Proverbs does not refer to the Greek conception of wisdom as philosophical theory or rhetorical sophistry” (Bruce K. Waltke, Proverbs Commentary).

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