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GNN Note – For those that still believe “climate change” is “man-made” please watch this video – click here now. Or you can read what the U.S. Air Force thinks about it – click here now / pdf. The USAF thinks some much about they produced the handy-dandy pdf in 1996 explaining their thoughts in great detail. I hope, especially if you don’t believe chemtrails are real, that you take a little time to read about you, your children and our world are being sprayed with aluminum particles to modify the weather. Of course all of this is “for the children”.


On Monday I blogged about the subject of weather modification, and pointed out that the sheer number of actors with access to some form of weather modification technologies has grown dramatically, and with it, the pressure to create a central authority to monopolize such technology’s use and deployment. I also  pointed out that the thesis of Elana Freeland, authoress of Under an Ionized Sky, is that given the extent, and length of time, that weather modifications efforts have been under way, that there is no longer any such thing as purely “natural” weather. It’s that pressure to centralize authority, which I talked about on Monday, which is creating the next “change of meme” to come down the pike.

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Remember how we got to the meme of “climate change” and how it was all “man’s fault”? It started out as “the coming ice age”, then it became “global warming”, and now it’s climate change. Along the way, a “gimongous” amount of “papers” were published, modeling how humans were producing “climate change.” Virtually every human activity has been blamed for contributing to “the problem”: cattle ranching and cattle flatulence, use of fossil fuels, &c. And long the way, draconian measures have been proposed to curtail the activities of these “climate change” creators, including massive taxation, and so on. Most regular readers of this website are more than familiar with all these memes and arguments.

But seldom, if ever, are the real sources of man-made climate change every mentioned in those papers generated from their computer models. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you encountered a climate change apocalypse-predicting paper full of computer models that took into account and incorporated the geoengineering technologies – cloud seeding, chemical spraying, ionospheric heaters, and so on – as a component of the computer modeling?

I’m willing to concede that there may be such papers. But if so, I’ve not heard of them. And more importantly, if there are such papers, they never seem to be the ones mentioned in the lamestream media discussions of the subject, nor are they ever mentioned by the so-called conservative opposition.

With that in mind, R.B., who supplied some of the articles for Monday’s blog, also ran across this article:

What’s in a name? Why we became C2G

Note what’s going on here, and they’re “right up front” about it, and place the whole scheme right at the beginning of the article:

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