GNN Note – This is an interesting view. All the points seem to echo with what’s happening today.


With the year coming to an end, many are trying to make sense of all that happened in 2017. Questions like “Where is God?” circled through people’s heads as many wondered how could a benevolent force allow such horrors on earth. Political parties still continue to sell their pitch and point fingers out each other. Greed dominates with corruption, reeking from White House all the way down, and many have lost their way by being brainwashed with feminism, PC, and passiveness.

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While there isn’t a one sentence rational explanation for all this, the Vedas has a different answer…

We’re Living In An Age Of Darkness

In Hinduism, there are cycles of spiritual evolution that earth goes through. They are:

  • Satya Yuga –  Golden Age, basically utopia where there’s no old age or starvation
  • Treta Yuga – Third Age, virtue diminishes slightly, birth of emperors and war
  • Dvapara Yuga– Siseases rampant, and loss of ancestral knowledge creates hysteria
  • Kali Yuga – Dark Age, ignorance, filth, lies, very low life spans

Guess which one we’re currently in according to the Vedas? That’s right, Kali Yuga! Now it all makes sense doesn’t it? The Bible and other religious texts say the same: we are living in an era where everything is upside down, where the materialistic culture reigns supreme.

What Is Kali Yuga?

It is the Dark Age, where man degenerates and moves far away from God. Dharma (morality) becomes nonexistent, and civilization loses itself in indulgence. The ancient world describes it as the age where the moral character of man is low and that lies, cheating, deceit, and corruption take over the earth. Those whom you would think are supposed to be good are now evil.

Scholars calculated that this era began about 3000 BCE. The good news is that after Kali Yuga, Satya Yuga follows, The Golden Age. The bad news is that it’s not going to come for several thousands of years. Predictions of Kali Yuga in Vedas were:

  • Dangerous rulers who raise taxes and see themselves as superior rather than protectors of society
  • Mass migration to other lands where food is available
  • No sense of God or spirituality will exist with fake saints, all ancestral knowledge is gone
  • Lust, ignorance, animosity towards people, and murder without reason
  • People will laugh, criticize, and attack those who are spiritual
  • Krishna, the Hindu God, foretells extreme hardship of those with ideals and higher ambitions

Now it is easy to blow this off as nonsense, but the prophecies have found their modern equivalents…

A World With No Reason Or Logic

More and more people are completely lost in consumer addiction, constantly on their phones searching for answers. Materialistic comforts have become a means to an end, and people no longer judge you on who you are, but rather what you are, your profession.

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