Teaching Your Children Survival Skills

Teaching Your Children Survival Skills by: Off The Grid News

As anyone who has been involved in survival knows, it can be an all-encompassing activity. It is made even worse when you have to ensure the survival of others. Unfortunately, most prepping families only have one person who is knowledgeable about survival, with everyone else in the family depending on that individual’s knowledge to see them through.

Can Your Kids Make It On Their Own?

In a sense, there’s nothing wrong with that. We do the same thing all the time in other areas of life. Couples don’t typically share the same skills and abilities. Each has their part to play, using their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the family or group. But what happens if some evil befalls the expert survivalist in the family? What if mom and dad are killed or injured? What if they are sick? Can the kids make it on their own?

Simple prudence would indicate the need to teach our children the necessary survival skills to make it on their own in such a case. While it can take years to reach the point of having enough expertise to truly survive on your own over the long-term, basic skills can be taught fairly easily. Those can then be built upon over time, thereby increasing the individual’s ability to survive.

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The Ideal Way To Teach Your Children Survival Skills

Of course, there are some problems with teaching children about survival. Their knowledge base is limited, so you have to train them more thoroughly. Some tasks may require strength that they don’t yet possess. But the biggest problem with teaching children about survival is security. Kids can’t keep a secret, no matter what it is or how important it is to keep it secret.

The solution to that is teaching children the skills without telling them they are survival skills. I grew up as a boy scout and learned a lot of basic bushcraft skills which are useful for survival. However, I never remember talking about them as survival skills. We simply needed to know those things for camping.

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