Who should Blacks demand Reparations from?

Who should Blacks demand Reparations from? by for America Out Loud

It is truly disheartening as well as utterly disgusting watching American society disintegrating relentlessly since Barack H. Obama took office and his legacy thereafter.

A great number of brain dead White and Black Americans are demanding Reparations for Slavery although not a single American in the 21st century even had a father who owned one.

Why would any American today pay such reparations since most definitely that most present Americans either arrived in the 20th century or thereafter?

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Why pay reparations to Blacks who are squatting on Native American soil and NOT to Native Americans whose lands were taken away from them and their peoples were mostly slaughtered in the first place? They, after all, deserve reparations (if any need to be paid) than any other group in the USA.

It is due to the willful and utter lack of knowledge among most Americans that such insane and asinine demands be made.

Although billions of people in the 21st century have instantaneous access to billions of pages of information at the click of a mouse, most of them chose to be in either deliberate ignorance or willful in denial.

African Americans are one of the prime cases as I shall demonstrate with the following perfectly clear example.

In 1964 there was a world champion boxing match between Sonny Liston and a young man called Cassius Marcellus Clay. Although most of the bets were against Cassius to win, Sonny Liston refused to return to the ring after the 7th round conceding the championship to Cassius Clay who claimed he is “the greatest” and the media agreed.

A few weeks later, Cassius Clay declared that he had converted to Islam and that his new name henceforth is Muhammad Ali. He explained to the shocked American people that:

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