Conservative Schools Minister: All Primary Children Will Learn About Same-Sex Relationships

Conservative Schools Minister: All Primary Children Will Learn About Same-Sex Relationships by Victoria Friedman for Breitbart

The UK’s education secretary Damian Hinds has said that all children from the age of four will have mandatory lessons on same-sex relationships in keeping with the “diversity of our society”.

Regulations on the teaching of sex, health, and relationship education was approved by both Houses of Parliament on May 9th, with the Government publishing the final statutory guidance on Tuesday.

In a written statement, Mr Hinds said the Conservative government had “brought forward measures requiring the introduction of compulsory relationships education for all pupils in primary schools, compulsory relationships and sex education for all pupils in secondary schools, and compulsory health education for all pupils in state-funded schools from September 2020”.

The Department for Education’s secretary said that the government wants all small children to learn about the varied “loving, healthy relationships” in society, explaining that the changes to how — and whether — children should be taught about personal relationships was “at the heart of preparing children for life in modern Britain”.

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“Our new guidance is clear that children should leave school having learnt about LGBT relationships,” Mr Hinds asserted, adding: “I would strongly encourage schools to discuss with children in class that there are all sorts of different, strong and loving families, including families with same-sex parents, while they are at primary school.”

Also on Tuesday, Mr Hinds unveiled official guidance for ‘online education’ which includes teaching pupils about the dangers of sexting and online pornography when pupils are being taught about technology and the internet.

Social conservatives and faith groups have been concerned in recent years about the prospect of sex and relationship education being taken out of parents’ hands and given to the State, and the threat of parents no longer being allowed to remove their children from such lessons.

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