Who Created God?

Who Created God? By  for Moody Media

As a boy I was taught that God created the world, but I would look at the stars and wonder, who created God? I was told that God was not created; He existed from all eternity. I’ve pondered that idea many times throughout the years, but I find myself on the edge of a great mystery.

So as best we can, let’s discuss: Who created God?

Some people use this question as an argument for atheism. Here’s the argument: Creationists say that the cosmos is so complex it must have been created by God, but if that’s true, it must mean that God, the Creator, is even more complex than the cosmos. So if the cosmos needed a creator, surely this higher class being called God needed a creator! To put it differently, if it is improbable that the cosmos exists without a beginning, it is even more improbable that God exists without a beginning. So, why believe in this highly improbable God?

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Let’s break down this argument and see if we can get some clarity on the subject.

Nothing from Nothing

Skeptics and Christians alike agree with this basic proposition: out of nothing, nothing comes. Quite obviously, if nothing had ever existed, there would be nothing now and nothing forever. Atheists and Christians therefore agree that since something exists, something had to exist from all of eternity. Atheists say the cosmos existed from all of eternity, Christians say God existed from all of eternity.

Follow me carefully here. When I was in Bible college, one of our professors gave this argument for the existence of God:

Every event has a cause.

The universe is an event.

Therefore, the universe has a cause. (And, of course, he said that cause was God).

Atheists looking at this argument respond by saying that if we believe every event has a cause, it follows therefore that God must have a cause.

Distinguishing the Physical from the Spiritual

So how do Christians respond? Christians clarify the first premise by saying that the idea that every event has a cause is true only in the observable, empirical world. There is no reason to believe that it applies to the invisible, spiritual world.

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