Planned Parenthood CEO: Pro-Lifers are Just “Misogynists” Want to “Oppress” Women

Planned Parenthood CEO: Pro-Lifers are Just “Misogynists” Want to “Oppress” Women by MICAIAH BILGER    for Life News

GNN Note – Yes, she nailed it!! Not because we believe all life is precious and the greatest gift from God, but because we’re misogynist! I like going back to the killing of a baby elephant and how people lose their mind when someone kills an elephant. Not saying its right or wrong, just pointing out the same people that will scream at the top of their lungs about the death of an elephant will scream equally as loud for women to kill their baby.


Conflating the killing of unborn babies with health care, Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen blasted pro-lifers as “misogynists” and oppressors this week in an interview with Vice.

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Wen, who oversees about 330,000 abortions a year at the billion-dollar abortion chain, argued that pro-life advocates are not really pro-life because they are trying to take away women’s “healthcare.”

“They don’t get to call themselves ‘pro-life’ when they are taking healthcare and essential services away from the most vulnerable individuals in their own communities,” she said.

Wen confused the issue by lumping abortion in with actual healthcare and then suggesting pro-life advocates are trying to take it all away – when really they are just working to end abortion. She cited rising maternal mortality and cervical cancer rates and a syphilis outbreak in some of the states where pro-life laws are being passed, ignoring how pro-lifers support health care services for these problems.

“Instead of trying to increase access to healthcare to combat these challenges, it’s just shocking that these governors and anti-women’s healthcare politicians are instead actively trying to take healthcare away from people,” she said.

Later, Wen argued that pro-lifers are misogynists who just want to oppress women:

[Vice:] There has always been a battle around the language used to describe abortion rights supporters and opponents, with anti-reproductive-health politicians and advocates calling themselves “pro-life.” What are your thoughts on that term?

[Wen:] As a doctor, I know that keeping people unhealthy is a tool of oppression, and that stigmatizing reproductive healthcare is a tool of misogyny. We just have to call it out for what it is.

… We are seeing for ourselves how what they are doing has nothing to do with protecting people’s rights or health.

It’s actually the exact opposite. They want us to go back in time. If they have their way, our children will have fewer rights than we do.

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