A British Judge Tried To Force A Disabled Woman To Abort Her Child Against Her Will

A British Judge Tried To Force A Disabled Woman To Abort Her Child Against Her Will By  for The Federalist

In this dystopian scenario, the state initially decided it knows better than an intellectually disabled adult woman and her caretaker.

On Monday, three appeal judges overturned a decision issue by Justice Lieven, which would have forced an intellectually disabled woman to abort her child, after the woman’s mother requested a review of the ruling. Lord Justice McCombe, Lady Justice King, and Lord Justice Peter Jackson reversed the decision in London’s Court of Appeals today. The reasons for this decision have not yet been released, but we do now know that this mother and her baby will be safe and she will be allowed to continue her pregnancy.

Before today, a British judge with a long personal history of supporting abortion rights had ordered a pregnant disabled woman to have an abortion against her wishes. The state decided it knew better than an adult woman and her mother who takes care of her and attempted to make this life and death decision for a child. This was a violation of the woman’s body and rights, as well as the child’s right to life, and both pro-life and pro-choice people ought to unite in denouncing this evil. The state told this woman that she had no choice in protecting her baby, and a judge tried to take away her autonomy. No case could further demonstrate the dangers that lie at the end of the eugenics behind pro-abortion policies than this devastating example.

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Justice Nathalie Lieven is a judge in the UK’s Court of Protection, a court set up to handle cases for UK residents without the intellectual capability to make decisions for themselves. The woman in question has most of the details about her redacted to protect her identity, but we do know that she is in her twenties, her mother is Nigerian, and she is Catholic (as is her mother). She is also currently 22 weeks pregnant. She is also under an NHS trust, which is part of the National Health Service. The social worker responsible for caring for this woman has said that maintaining her pregnancy is in the woman’s best interests. This same NHS service was responsible for the decisions that led to the tragic death of Alfie Evans last year.

Why Was the State Making Life or Death Decisions?

NHS doctors want to end this woman’s pregnancy because they believe that her intellectual disabilities mean that an abortion would be less traumatic for her than having her baby. Her mother, whose identity is also obscured to protect her daughter, has been reported to be a former midwife and has told the courts that she would be happy to care for both her daughter and her grandchild. Despite this, the doctors and lawyers involved have decided that this would be too “burdensome” for this woman and that the baby, if allowed to be born, should go to foster care.

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