‘Contentment That Doesn’t Depend on Circumstance’: Why Happiness Is a ‘Moral Obligation’ for Christians

‘Contentment That Doesn’t Depend on Circumstance’: Why Happiness Is a ‘Moral Obligation’ for Christians By  for Faith Wire

Author Max Lucado says that happiness is a “moral obligation” for Christians in the face of a consumer-driven society constantly challenging us to be discontent.

Lucado’s new book, “How Happiness Happens” unlocks a few of secrets folks may be looking for to pursue happiness on a daily basis.

And it’s a lot more simple than one might think.

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“If I want to be more like Christ, then I will wake up every day saying, ‘Ok, how can I make other people happy?’” said Lucado in a Relevant podcast interview.

So much of our faith can be pared down to the greatest commandments of loving God and loving others. It’s no surprise that obeying God in these two ways will lead to lasting happiness in our everyday lives.

Lucado says:

“We do the world a favor when we pursue happiness; not selfishness, but happiness. When we’re genuinely discovering a sense of contentment that doesn’t depend on any circumstance, then we’re going to be a member of our family, better member of the workforce, better member of society, and if we’re a churchgoer, a better member of the church.”

Lucado’s website offers a “100 Happy People Challenge,” where people are encouraged to spend 40 days brightening the lives of at least 100 people through smiles or kind gestures. The challenge is old, but the sentiment will never be—and the results will no doubt be positive, for both challenger and those encountered throughout.

Happiness isn’t always easy achieved, but when Christians remember that their joy is found in Christ, the pursuit becomes much easier. Lucado seems to have his finger on the pulse of this elusive emotion and knows how to share it with others.

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