The truth behind the LGBT global revolution

The truth behind the LGBT global revolution by The Saker

Dear friends,

As most of you are well aware, this blog has taken on almost all the most powerful lobbies currently in existence: the Israel lobby, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Oil and Energy lobby, the Hillary gang, the various militarists whose livelihood depend on warfare and the so-called “liberals” both in Russia and the USA.  Likewise, I have denounced the various racist movement (Alt-Right & Co.) out there who try to capitalize on the current social tensions to distract from the real problems of our world and who want to redirect our anger at immigrants or non-White races.  Today I am posting a Russian video (well, two videos put together into one) which not only gives you a very good insight as to what Russians really think about what can fairly be called the “Homo Lobby”, but also gives you an excellent primer as to how the Western societies shifted from a rather illiterate dislike (the term “phobia” is way too loaded to be used, just like the word “gay”)  of homosexuals to an  equally illiterate glorification of this phenomenon.

I have mentioned the topic of homosexuality, only in passing, a few times on the blog and each time this resulted in a tsunami of hate-mail and accusations of “phobia” on my part.  I am under no illusions that this latest post and the articles which will follow it will result in even more hate mail than usual.  Have you also noticed that almost nobody dares to touch this issue?  In France, Alain Soral once even declared that the Homo Lobby is even more powerful than the CRIF (the French rough equivalent of AIPAC).  He is right.  After all the other labels which the various Saker-haters have hurled at me, “homophobe” is now going to be next.  And that’s fine.  If anybody seriously believes that I fear or hate (the two meanings of “phobia”) homosexuals – fine.  I frankly don’t care because those who feel the need to use such labels are not trying to argue, they are simply trying to shut others up.  That won’t work with me.  Never has. Never will.

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For the time being, I leave you with this video which will be an excellent introduction to this topic.

Kind regards

The Saker

YouTube version (in the hope that YT does not immediately censor it – I am not holding my breath on this one!):

and, just in case YT does what it typically does nowadays, here is a fallback RuTube version of the same video:

Video / The Saker>>>

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