Miracles From Mysteries: How a Young Man’s Tragic Death Led to Thousands of Salvations

Miracles From Mysteries: How a Young Man’s Tragic Death Led to Thousands of Salvations by TAYLOR BERGLUND for Charisma News

The gospel follows the water. That’s what two young women—left nameless here for their safety—discovered when they introduced the gospel to their remote village.

The women had been taken from the village more than a year before, lured by a job offer then violated and captured by sex traffickers. They were ultimately rescued when a border guard became suspicious and pulled them away from their captors. They were later put into a safe house run by Christians.

Over the next year, they received physical and emotional healing, along with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They wanted to return to their village to share the gospel, but felt too ashamed by their violations to go back.

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If we had a business, they thought, we could return as contributing members of the community. We could bolster the economy and share the gospel. That’s when their Christian leader was put in contact with Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM).

The women’s request was simple: sewing machines so they could repair and make clothes. Ron Lewis, co-founder and gospel strategist at JLM, encouraged them to ask for more. So the women asked for a pair of goats.

Ron pushed them to dream bigger still and asked for their most exorbitant request. This time they asked for a water well, which would cost a few thousand U.S. dollars. JLM honored their request.

When the women returned to the village and the water well was installed, they quickly became empowered leaders who blessed the entire community. The well served as a central hub for the community, and while the villagers drew water, the women shared the gospel with them. Today this village has five churches.

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