Pinterest Whistleblower Steps Forward: Exposes Anti-Christian, Anti-ProLife Stance

Pinterest Whistleblower Steps Forward: Exposes Anti-Christian, Anti-ProLife Stance by Rory for The Daily Coin

Eric Cochran appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on June 12, 2019 because “I saw wrong doing” within the company in which he worked. Eric Cochran has a soul, a heart and probably prays to God. That’s how it works. When your life is in balance satanic globalist activities bother you very deeply.

The normalization of censorship within the big tech companies is downright unAmerican, Mr. Cochran explained. He went on to explain that the fight appears to be pointed at abortion. This supports my idea that he prays to God and has a soul. We believe the fight is a little bigger than abortion, but we believe abortion is a major part of the concern of the satanic globalist tech companies.

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The fact Eric Cochran decided to appear on live TV to challenge, not only Pinterest but, all of these big tech companies to make their arguments in the light of day; expose their algorithms to the light of day and to make known what they are doing to conservative voices of every stripe. Mr. Cochran, like most all thinking Americans, sees the 1st Amendment as one of the most important rights guaranteed to American citizens in the Bill of Rights. Free speech, freedom of assembly and religious freedom are not privileges granted by the state, they are rights granted by God to all human beings.

The fact that there are 4-5 companies that have more power, and capital, than most countries on the planet should terrify people, but unfortunately, the next football game or episode of “reality” TV is way important than being able to defend their ability to enjoy a football game or watch more TV. They just don’t care or they don’t understand the two are connected and these satanic globalist companies are censoring all speech that is decent and represent ideas that go against their satanic globalist agendas.

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