How Taking One Family Camping Trip A Year Will Benefit Everyone

How Taking One Family Camping Trip A Year Will Benefit Everyone by: Susan Patterson for Off the Grid News

If you have never taken your kids on a family camping trip, it is time to reconsider. They joys of spending time together in nature with the ones you love are immeasurable.

Family camping is a great time to reconnect with each other, especially in this age laden with technology. Gathering around a campfire, working together to put up a tent and eating meals under the stars, just brings everyone closer together.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider taking a camping trip with you family:

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1. Camping transforms you into an outdoors man overnight.

Fear of the unknown may keep many people from camping out in the open. They may think they’re not up to it and that they lack the skills for living without the security and conveniences of home.

We know skills are perfected by practice, but when faced with fresh challenges, certain skills that you never even knew you had may come to the fore. Just imagine what it can do for your kids. No lecture can ever make them as resourceful as a few days out in the wild.

2. Togetherness is an inescapable part of family camping.

The family is brought together as one unit as every member pitches in to help out with different tasks. There’s no room to hide or retreat to, and everyone is required to look out for everyone else. Therefore, children and adults alike enjoy the few days spent without homework to complete and deadlines to meet.

The small talk may turn to the most irrelevant topics, but exchange of ideas does take place. Away from the duties and worries of normal life back home, we become more accommodating and forgiving. We laugh away each other’s mistakes and the little accidents that are bound to happen.

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