Poll: Majority of Americans Would Vote for Pro-Life Candidates Who’d Ban Abortions

Poll: Majority of Americans Would Vote for Pro-Life Candidates Who’d Ban Abortions by DAVE ANDRUSKO for Life News

GNN Note – Statistics are easily manipulated, but this piece of statistic has come back showing the exact same result for decades – not weeks, not months, not years, but decades. People in the U.S. don’t really won’t abortions and more informed as a nation we become the fewer supporters of abortion there are at the polls. There is hardly any one that supports late term, the vast majority of people are horrified at this practice and see it for what it is, but the state knows best and the legislators continue to pass bills / acts / laws that We the People oppose. It’s past time to vote these leaches out of office. I beg you, vote them all out and start over.


As someone who has done his small part in trying to educate the American public, I genuinely appreciate a good headline that captures 46 years of misunderstanding.

Recently Rasmussen Reports ran a story headlined,” FEW VOTERS UNDERSTAND ROE V WADE RULING; OR WHAT OVERTURNING IT WOULD MEAN.” While the brief story doesn’t directly address the first half of the headline, here are four important bullet points:

1. Thanks to incessantly misleading reporting, the public has little-to-no understanding of what Justice Blackmun and his six colleagues unleashed in 1973. A fair number don’t even know Roe (and Doe v. Bolton) were about abortion. Many to this day (thanks to the media) think Doe and Doe legalized abortion only through the first trimester. For all practically purposes, in fact, these decisions legalized abortion on demand throughout pregnancy!

2. According to Rasmussen, “Thirty-one percent (31%) of voters incorrectly believe that abortion will be illegal if the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is overturned.” It wouldn’t. What it would do is “allow each state to set their own rules concerning abortion.” However, barely a third (35%) knew the truth.

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