Why Courts Need To Treat Embryos As People, Not Property

Why Courts Need To Treat Embryos As People, Not Property By  for The Federalist

GNN Note – Lies about abortion – “reproductive health” (destroys health), “women’s healthcare” (care?), “healthcare” (care?), “pro choice” (pro euthanasia), “women’s choice” (dictator),  “right to choose” (dictator)

I don’t wish to alienate or attack women regarding abortion as we need to show compassion and love towards the women struggling with this issue.

Simple, sincere, question – why do American citizens have to import adopted children? Why are the regulations surrounding adoption in the U.S. so over the top that it makes it easier and more cost effective to adopt overseas children?

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“The Supreme Court kept me from my freedom.” — Dred Scott

The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1857 decision, Dred Scott v. Sandford, erroneously and shamefully held that the Constitution could never confer American rights and privileges to black people. Today’s courts risk a similarly disgraceful stain on their reputation by neglecting to keep pace with life science, especially embryology.

Scientific advancement in fertility has now moved four decades beyond “test tube baby” Louise Brown, conceived outside the womb via in vitro fertilization (IVF) in a petri dish. Cryogenically preserved embryos, while not commonplace, are no longer rare, and custody battles have rocked courtrooms and gossip programming. The problem surrounding the legal assignment of custody for preserved embryos is that courts are more prone to address these tiny new humans as property rather than the offspring they truly are.

The science of embryology has documented the development of human life prior to implantation in the womb, yet the legal process is way behind the science in failing to recognize them as developing human beings. In the same way that the high court fell victim to errant understanding in the discreditable days of slavery, the judicial system is missing the mark on conceived, pre-implanted, fully human embryos.

Embryos are organisms, not cells or tissue. IVF clinics do not store dead embryos, but viable embryos intended to continue life. These cryogenically preserved children are human beings, and the 13th Amendment unflinchingly removes human beings from the category of property to be owned.

Distinct Beings, From Conception Onwards

This week, the National Embryo Donation Center celebrates the births of 800 children, implanted as embryos in women who are not their genetic mothers. These children, birthed and parented by their adoptive mothers, have been separate beings from conception.

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