Rediscovering Faith: My Journey Back To Christianity (Video)

Rediscovering Faith: My Journey Back To Christianity Video by Forever Computing

GNN Note – If you have been following my work here on this website for the past few months then you know the opening of the video below is describing why this website exist. The work I have been involved with over the past decade, researching, producing content and reporting on the ongoing collapse of society, economy and how our God given rights are being trampled everyday gets be a very heavy yoke.

This video is further proof of the global awakening. When I listened to the video, and published here for you, it had already garnered more 17,000 views and 2,500 comments – very impressive. All the comments were positive, encouraging and provides the real evidence of change happening around the world.

The deeper I dig the more there is to uncover, discover and bring another drop of hope to the table and share with the world. This is a great message of hope and coming alive in Christ.

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