Dear David Platt, Don’t Apologize For Praying for the President

Dear David Platt, Don’t Apologize For Praying for the President by SHANE IDLEMAN for Charisma News

In light of Pastor David Platt’s apology for praying for the president in the Washington Times, I’m re-releasing this op-ed with a few additions.

I was shocked to see an apology from pastor Platt to his congregation. Granted, I don’t have all of the information, nor do I understand all of the dynamics that took place. But, in most cases, we do not need to apologize for praying for our leaders. We are commanded to do so, and we should answer our critics; read more here.

Over the last few decades, Americans have seen the destruction of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, the removal of God’s Word in several areas, and the blatant murdering of millions of babies. This is an indictment against America and the pulpit is partially responsible—our silence, and our apologies, speak volumes.

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The pulpit regulates the spiritual condition of God’s people which affects the nation. A lukewarm, sex-saturated culture simply reflects the lack of conviction in the pulpit as well as the pew. What type of Christian would be offended when their pastor prays for the President? It appears that party affiliation, and not genuine concern, is fueling the animosity.

Sadly, many pastors are exchanging truth for passivity, boldness for cowardliness, and conviction for comfort . . . most are not aflame with righteousness. We aim to be motivational speakers rather than preachers of righteousness.

A paraphrase that is often attributed to Alexis De Tocqueville, a Frenchman who authored Democracy in America in the early 1800s, sums it up: “It was not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her success. America is great because she is good, and if America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

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