4 Truths to Remember in Times of Tragedies, Trials and Tests

4 Truths to Remember in Times of Tragedies, Trials and Tests by MEG HART for Charisma News

There are some who are facing their darkest hours of tragedy, persecution and loss right now. My family and I have recently faced a heart-shattering tragedy when my uncle was brutally murdered on Good Friday. I had already personally faced and persevered the most difficult year of my life, and this tragedy knocked me down flat.

As my family and I pick up the pieces of our shattered hearts and literally walk moment by moment through this tragic loss, I feel as though God has abandoned us. There are still many unanswered questions; we are waiting for justice; and I am angry. People have told me that my faith is weak, or I don’t have enough faith because I haven’t been saying or doing the right things in my time of grief and unknown future.

I started to believe them until I had a revelation on what faith in God really is. My outlook of what defined faith changed when I heard these words from my pastor:

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“Faith is not really faith until it is tested.”

It is easy to say we have the right amount of faith or real faith when everything is going well, comfortable and safe. It is easy to believe that we must have had big faith when our prayers were answered. It is easy to encourage others who are suffering when we haven’t faced their loss, tragedies, rejection and persecution. In these last days, Satan is waging an all-out assault on Christians around the world to turn from God. He is ruthless, relentless and brutal. The persecution of God’s children come in many forms, and we are tested now more than ever if we really believe in the goodness, love and eternal hope of God.

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