What Are The Potential Mistakes A Prepper Could Make?

What Are The Potential Mistakes A Prepper Could Make? by  for Modern Survival Blog

Preparedness Mistakes To Avoid

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we avoid mistakes by understanding what mistakes NOT to make. It’s no different with preparedness / prepping.

So I’m asking you, “What are some of the mistakes you’ve made with your overall preparedness?” and/or “Even if you haven’t made them, what potential mistakes would you point out for others to avoid?”

Spending Beyond Your Means

One general issue which comes to mind is that of money. There are those who can afford just about everything they might need for preparedness. For others, not so much. Spending too much (relative to one’s threshold of ‘too much’) can bring some remorse afterwards. Prepping on a budget?

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Not Practicing

nother mistake is not practicing with whatever gear one might purchase. An example might be acquiring all sorts of fire starters – but not actually trying them out and practicing starting a fire. There are LOTS of examples of not actually learning

Poor Time Management

Time. It’s a valuable commodity. Every minute that goes by, you’ll never get back. Maybe some people have spent too much time focusing on just one thing/project – while letting other things go? Preparedness is wide ranging. Get the ‘general’ stuff done first, before getting caught up in your favorite project.

Ignoring The Basics

What about the mistake of overlooking and really knowing / understanding / practicing basic survival skills before moving on to other areas? I’m not talking about being a expert wilderness survivalist. I’m referring to basic skills like fire making, the ability to acquire and purify water for drinking, the concept of shelter (which goes beyond just building ‘a shelter’), assembling a basic survival kit, knowing some basic First Aid, addressing the issue of security…

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