Fear of ‘Mass Arrests’ After Court Bans LGBT Class Protests

Fear of ‘Mass Arrests’ After Court Bans LGBT Class Protests By  for Faith Wire

A British high court has ruled that concerned parents will no longer be allowed to protest the introduction of LGBT awareness lessons at a Birmingham elementary school.

Birmingham City Council applied for an high court injunction to enforce an exclusion zone after parents began to gather outside the school, protesting the controversial new lessons.

The Council insists it applied for the injunction “after the serious escalation of the protests in the week before half-term,” which they say included the “attendance of very large numbers of people who have no children at the school, many of whom are not from the city.”

Despite many of the parents holding legitimate concerns about not being adequately briefed on the LGBT classes and not having any influence in the school’s decision to run the curriculum – many of the parents are from an Islamic background.

What are the protesters saying?

Those gathered outside the school are insistent that the children, some as young as four, are too young to be learning about complex issues of sexual identity. Many parents noted that their kids have become confused and asked questions like “why can’t I have two daddies?”

Speaking to the Guardian, a group of protesters explained that their children no longer wished to attend Anderton Park Primary School because of the pushy atmosphere surrounding the LGBT-inclusivity lessons.

“They’re upset. They don’t want to go,” the group explained. “Not because of the protest. Because the teachers are terrorizing them.”

“I will stress to parents – don’t back down. If you feel you are right, invoke your democratic rights,” said lead protester, Shakeel Afsar, following the ruling.

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