How to Escape Being Followed

How to Escape Being Followed by Charles Yor for The Survivalist Blog

We have all seen the scenario play out in movies: our protagonist, perhaps an everyman or maybe a trained agent of espionage is walking down a busy street or hanging around in a bar or café. He notices the furtive, sidelong glances being directed his way by someone trying way too hard to be inconspicuous.

Our hero pays his tab and leaves. Later, elsewhere, we see the same guy pass by in a reflection off a window pane as he passes by with another glance. At this point our spy is keen to the game, but an everyman will shrug it off as merely coincidence. Later, on his way home, he sees the same suspicious man waiting to board the train with him. The jig is up: he is being followed!

While this makes for great entertainment, being followed or stalked is no game. Picking up a relentless pursuer is a rarity for most people unless you are in a few select and very interesting lines of work, but it does happen!

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Being followed is a scary and unnerving experience for those that are not confident in counter-pursuit techniques, but it does not have to be; thankfully, most techniques are simple, very effective and can be employed without any special training.

In this article we will explore a few techniques to employ if you suspect you are being followed and others to give you options to either shake a pursuer or force them to break off if they wish to remain at arm’s length.

Sounds Cool, But Why Would Someone Be Following Me?

A good question reader. Why would someone follow you? I’m not being pithy, ask yourself. For the average citizen, you’ll pick up a tail one of a couple ways. Typically it will be someone you know, if only in passing. Maybe a jilted ex, a person you unintentionally (or intentionally) pissed off or a relative of one of those people.

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