This blog I had originally intended for yesterday, but as I wrote yesterday, my entire schedule of blogs and guests has been completely overturned by what seems to be an endless cycle of bad weather, dusk-to-dawn-to-dusk tornado sirens (or so it seems), and some actual time put into the storm shelter with Shiloh.

In the midst of this, and prior to the storms, several people sent me stories about the coming possible failure of the Oroville Dam in California, since I had blogged about this problem a couple of years ago, when publicly pondering the possibility of disaster capitalism in connection to the California fires. I was going to blog about these stories, but there was something that happened in the recent storms that really convinced me that I must do so.

Like most readers here, I am inclined to entertain suspicions about weather patterns these days, especially if they seem to be designed to put common people and their property in danger, and if they seem to follow a “pattern” or “design” able to do so. It is the advent of weather modification technology, and technologies able to “steer” high and low pressure systems in the atmosphere – technologies like ionospheric heaters such as HAARP – that enable such suspicion. The problem is, of course, that suspicions and the mere existence of such a technology do not prove that any particular storm system is a manipulated event.  We’re left with “contextual argument” which can approach a degree of reasoned speculation; we’re locked somewhere in the evidentiary spectrum between a grand jury deciding if a case should go to trial, and a petite jury deciding the facts of a case. Accordingly, at the end of today’s  blog, the reader may decide to return a “no bill” and not even proceed to a petite jury trial.  With this cautionary note on record, let’s proceed to the recent storms over the past couple of months in the American midwest, and then to the case of the Oroville Dam in California.

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So exactly what is “disaster capitalism”? The term, I believe, was first coined by former Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts.  My definition of it is as follows: “Disaster capitalism” is the deliberate use of sophisticated technologies capable of manipulating sudden geophysical changes normally attributable in law to “acts of God” in order to cheapen the value of property, land, or other assets, and to drive off the tenure of such property, land, or assets, in order to acquire them at prices below their market value, the value they held prior to the disaster. “Disaster capitalism” also includes a secondary tier of speculative activity – puts, shorts, futures, and so on – which may be conducted in addition to the primary activity. The placing of puts and shorts prior to 9/11 would be an example of this secondary level of activity, though the primary event of 9/11 was not an example of the primary level of disaster capitalism, since it did not involve technologies of geophysical manipulation disguised as an “act of God.” We thus have two levels or types of “disaster capitalism”, the “primary” type which orchestrates geophysical events for “fun and profit”, and the “secondary” type which speculates on their basis. It should be evident that individuals could engage in both types simultaneously, or confine themselves to one of the other. Secondary disaster capitalism could be the only type in evidence during an event, which event is capitalized upon – to coin a pun – as a “crisis of opportunity”. As weather systems are examples of geophysical systems, they are often first and foremost in people’s minds when one thinks of “disaster capitalism”, but it should be added that earthquakes and even solar events (in my opinion) might be subject to the manipulations of current technologies to create crisis of the primary type.

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