DHS: Border Apprehensions, Inadmissibles Reach Highest Monthly Levels in More Than a Decade

DHS: Border Apprehensions, Inadmissibles Reach Highest Monthly Levels in More Than a Decade By Melanie Arter for CNS News

GNN Note – If you missed DHS Secretary, Kevin McAleenan, on Laura Ingraham’s show on May 23, 2019, it was a real eye-opener – even to someone, like myself, that pay very close attention to this issue.

The video is set to start at the beginning of the segment when Ms. Ingraham conducts the interview with Mr. Secretary.

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The number of illegal border crossers and migrants presenting themselves at ports of entry on the southwest border but deemed “inadmissible” reached 103,000 in March and 109,000 in April – “the highest monthly levels in more than a decade,” acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress Thursday.

“In March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered over 103,000 illegal border crossers and inadmissible aliens, and in April that number exceeded 109,000—the highest monthly levels in more than a decade,” he said Thursday in prepared testimony for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

By the end of fiscal year 2018, CPB “encountered more than 683, 000 illegal migrants and inadmissibles,” according to McAleenan.

“Homeland Security Investigations made more than 34,000 criminal arrests, of which 4,300 were gang-related; and law enforcement agents and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) seized more than one million pounds of illegal drugs,” he added.

“Keeping our traveling public safe is another vitally important job for DHS. For example, in FY 2018 the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened more than 800 million aviation passengers while preventing almost 4,200 firearms from being carried onto aircraft,” the acting secretary wrote.

McAleenan said the humanitarian crisis on the border is “even more dire and is rapidly overwhelming” the government’s ability to respond.

The Trump administration sent a supplemental budget request to Congress in early May to address the crisis after realizing DHS will run out of money sooner than expected.

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