Panic Over War With Iran Is A Propaganda Operation To Preserve The Iran Deal

Panic Over War With Iran Is A Propaganda Operation To Preserve The Iran Deal By  for The Federalist

Obama’s media echo chamber is hyping Iran’s bluster about U.S. sanctions. But their insistence that the only options are appeasement or war offers a false choice.

Is the United States on the brink of war with Iran? That’s the message the American people have been getting from much of the mainstream media as well as from prominent Democrats.

They are arguing that Trump is blundering the country into war with Iran and the only sane alternative is to stick with President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal. Yet while tensions with Iran are rising, this critique is essentially the same argument we were hearing a few years ago when Obama’s pact was being debated. At that time, the country was told its only choices about Iran were war or appeasement.

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But as the United States has sought to regain the leverage over Iran that Obama discarded during the course of the negotiations—the ones that led to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—we must realize that this is a false choice. President Donald Trump’s success in re-imposing sanctions has essentially returned the West to the point it was at in 2013. That was when Iran returned to the negotiating table only to find that the Obama administration was so desperate for a deal that it was prepared to abandon almost all of its key demands on the nuclear issue, as well as drop its concerns about other issues like missile production and terrorism.

The question now is whether Democrats and their media allies can help promote and exploit the country’s legitimate concerns about the possibility of war to the point where it could cause the administration to alter its policy.

How Much Influence Does Media Have on Trump?

Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and his subsequent re-imposition of economic sanctions on Tehran were supposed to be a total flop. Or at least that was the assumption of Obama alumni and the rest of the foreign policy establishment as well as the journalists that former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes aptly described as the former president’s media “echo chamber.”

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