7 Critical Bugging Out Mistakes

7 Critical Bugging Out Mistakes by Dan Sullivan for The Survivalist Blog

think we can all agree that bugging out will probably be the most dangerous and important journey any of us will ever take. We become migrants, and if we look at others migrants’ journeys (Syrians, Central Americans), we can see just how dangerous it ca be.

I’m not saying bugging in isn’t the best option, it most definitely is, but bugging out should always be taken into account, for the simple reason that no place on this Earth is 100% immune to disasters, emergencies and SHTF.

It’s one thing to prepare to bug out, and a totally different one to survive when the time comes. This is why we have to think ahead and address the most common mistakes we could make when our life is on the line, particularly since we might live this life for days or even weeks, until we reach the final destination.

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Mistake #1: Not Keeping a Low Profile

This could potentially kill entire prepper families when bugging out. Period.

When doing it, they and their loved ones need to be fast, quiet, to know exactly where they’re going and to do it in such a way that they’re seen by the least amount of people possible.

Note that I did not say “hidden”. Although that would be ideal, they’re probably going to run into a lot of people on their way out, some friendlier than others, and things such as dressing in camo or having a bumper sticker that says “I’m a prepper” won’t help.

Having a bug-out vehicle that’s quiet is also important. You don’t want those crazy bug out vehicles that never go unnoticed. You’re not going to the North Pole, you’re going to your bug-out location.

Also, if you don’t have or don’t want a car, and your BOL is relatively close, consider alternative bug-out vehicles that are quieter and consume less fuel or none at all: ATVs, bikes, inflatable kayaks and even dirt bikes.

Mistake #2: Thinking That Their Loved Ones Will Know What to Do

I wish I could tell you that your spouse and kids will be of much help but the reality is, if they’re not prepared, they’re going to be a burden, and one you need to take into consideration.

Your survival group is only as ready as the weakest link, so helping them ramp up their prepping skills should be at the top of the list.

Mistake #3: Not Considering that their Bug-Out Location Has Been Compromised

Totally possible. People who are not aware of this will not only be left without a roof over their heads when SHTF, but they’ll have their entire stockpile stolen. Plus, they might have to confront the new residents head-on (probably not the best idea).

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