The Problem Isn’t White Privilege, It’s Homosexual Privilege

The Problem Isn’t White Privilege, It’s Homosexual Privilege By Bryan Fischer for Barb Wire

We’ve all heard about “white privilege” until we’re sick to death of the phrase. Virtually every social problem in America is blamed on whites who supposedly have privilege and power based purely on skin color. [GNN Note – also known as racism]

This is getting to be a tougher sell, when we realize that white applicants to Ivy League-type schools are disfavored and must score several hundred points higher than minority students on the SAT just to have a shot. Where is the white privilege in that, especially when this blatant racism is vociferously defended by all the so-called civil rights champions among us?

Democrats have been signaling since 2011 that they are not even trying to keep whites in their party. They’re ditching whites in favor of a coalition of minority groups, and intend to rely on identity politics from now until the end of time. Where is the white privilege in that? Whites are underprivileged and underserved in academia, in Democrat politics, and in America in general.

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I would submit the real problem today, in our culture and in our politics, is not in fact white privilege but homosexual privilege. Despite their constant claims to martyrdom and victimhood, homosexuals have an entire array of privileges and powers that are based exclusively on their private sexual preferences, and they are privileges and powers that normal people do not possess. Homosexuals must be catered to by wedding vendors and be catered to in housing and employment, or those who refuse to cater to them will be demonized, vilified, and sued until they’re broke or out of business.

Today homosexuals belong to the most pampered, protected, favored, privileged demographic in all of America.

This may explain some of the dynamics in Pete Buttigieg’s run for the presidency. His resume is quite similar to Cory Booker’s, but Buttigieg is soaring in the polls while Booker is mired near the bottom. Folks are scratching their heads trying to figure out why.

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