THAT DEMENTIA IN CONGRESS MAY BE REAL… by Dr Joseph P Farrell for Giza Death Star

Wow… I mean, just… well, wow.

For several months, a Certain Authoritative Figure and I have been speculating – more off the record than on – that the whole political “scene” in the USSA is so looney and nutty that one has to entertain the possibility that mind manipulation techniques and technologies (or for that matter, just plain old fashioned “magic and possession”) might be being used on certain members of Congress. After all, in the last (s)election, the Clowns In America ran several “retired” candidates of their own, and the Clowns In America were and probably still are into “that sort of research.” Just recall, for example, Richard Helms oozing hubris and grease in front of the Church Committee when he was testifying about the MK-ULTRA program.

The problem may be much simpler, but equally problematical, if this article shared by V.T. is to be believed:

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Does Congress Have a Dementia Problem?

Now, you’ll note this is an “old” story, from 2017, but it is still pertinent, for according to the story, several members of Congress (we’re not told who) are taking medication for Alzheimer’s disease:

They could be compromised by corruption, sure. But it could also be something outside of their control, like aging and the onset of mental incapacity. While these are sensitive topics, we’d be doing a disservice to democracy by not discussing them. People have got to know if their politicians are well.

In early October, we learned that many members of Congress get prescriptions hand-delivered by Grubb’s Pharmacy, the oldest dispensary in town.

A cool perk that nobody else in America has? That’s par for the course in Washington. But there’s more to the story and it should alarm every American. Mike Kim, the owner of Grubb’s, told STAT News that he is routinely filling prescriptions for drugs that treat Alzheimer’s disease. For members of Congress!

If pharmacists are shipping Alzheimer’s medication to Capitol Hill, then some number of congressmen are medically unqualified to hold office. And we don’t know which ones or how many. They could be back-benchers or they could be sitting at the upper tiers of leadership, making decisions of global significance. Since one’s rank in Congress is based mostly on seniority, the oldest members have the most power. Terrifying.

Terrifying indeed, for more reasons than mentioned in the article. To take just two of those reasons, consider just the demographic problem: members of the House or Senate that have seniority have the experience and so on to know how to get things done, and say what one will about Senators Feinstein or Graham or McConnell or Reid, they’re at least of a generation that was not the product of Contemporary Amairikuhn Quackademia, unlike the younger generation which is, as far as I can tell, not only crazy, but stupid on top of it all. It takes no sophisticated technology or magical spells to manipulate the mind of a mindless young nitwit. But that brings us to reason number two: the older generation is, well, older, and presumably suffers from all of the problems that come with that, possibly up to and including Alzheimers.

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