Clever Places to Hide Your Guns

Clever Places to Hide Your Guns by Charles Yor for The Survivalist Blog

Securing your guns from unauthorized users is an integral component of ownership. A gun will serve hero or criminal, expert or fool alike with no prejudice. If an unauthorized user should find your gun, like a child, tragedy will be following shortly behind.

If a criminal finds your gun while ransacking your home or car in the midst of a burglary, you can rest assured it will be stolen and employed for no virtuous end, with your best-case outcome being it is sold to a commercial dealer instead of used in a violent crime.

The obvious go-to solution for securing firearms is through use of a safe. Large or small, a quality safe can secure your guns from wandering hands and deter or delay criminals from absconding with them. A good unit, secured properly, is the typical security measure employed by responsible gun owners to keep their guns safe.

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But are they the only way? What about situations where one has neither funds nor ability to make use of a safe? You have a few options: you can keep a single gun on your person where it will be under your direct control, though you are out of luck if you should have more than one or two handguns and this is not always possible or practical at any rate.

You could go with the old standby of stashing your gun up on the highest shelf in a closet, though burglars will almost certainly find it as will curious children on their unsupervised explorations of their environment. We have all read stories of the latter scenario especially ending in tragedy time and time again.

Instead, we could take a third option: hide your guns, and hide them very well. The art of concealment, in the right circumstances, can be a valid, even ideal choice for a gun owner, even one with a secure storage container already in place. In this article, I will detail principals, examples and considerations you should understand before employing these methods for your own benefit.

Why Hide?

You might choose to hide a gun for a variety of reasons: you may not own a safe, perhaps you desire to place several guns throughout your environment for rapid access no matter what part of your home you are in. If you are traveling, knowing good hiding places may offer a measure of security over keeping the gun in your vehicle (a likely target of theft) or in a questionable in-room “safe.”

Whatever your reason, the desired outcome is the same: keep the guns out of unauthorized or criminal hands! Careful selection of hiding places and a little practice will give you an advantage when you need a gun in a hurry if confronted with a threat. Truly hidden spots will remain not found from all but the nosiest of children or thorough of thieves.

There are a few attributes that will determine any given hiding spot’s viability and efficacy for a given task, discussed below. I will tell you up front that there is no one-size-fits-all hiding place: depending on your purposes, you might need maximum security, or maximum accessibility.

Rarely will the two meet. Some locations may incur wear or weathering on the gun that will need to be accounted for one way or another. You will need to use your head and common sense when choosing to hide a gun in any of the locations discussed below or one you devise yourself.

As always, take the time to think through all possible events that may result in someone finding the gun or you needing to access it in a hurry. What sounds great on paper or in your mind may not work out at all in practice.


As mentioned above, you will be biasing most hiding places towards either security or ease of access. A truly hidden, easily accessed solution likely exists, but is typically rare without some technical know-how or specialist methods.

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