Camper or RV Preparedness | How to set it up or What to bring

Camper or RV Preparedness | How to set it up or What to bring by Ken Jorgustin for Modern Survival Blog

This should be be fun… I’m sure that some of you have a RV or camper trailer of one variety or another. But how do you set it up for the sake of preparedness, or what extra would you take with you as such?

Since most of the MSB audience is prepper oriented, I’m sure the question has crossed your mind. Further, you may have already dealt with this before and we would love to hear your opinion.

Lets say you’re going on a vacation or a trip somewhere with your camper or RV. Regardless of how big or small it is, there’s never enough room to take everything that you would like to take, right?

Or maybe you’re thinking about setting it up for “bug out”, just in case. In that case there are lots of decisions to make for camper or RV preparedness! How long might you be out, what might the conditions be, etc..

I’m going to get the conversation started by reflecting on some of my own trips, and what I decided to bring along for preparedness.

It all started “way back when”, while tent camping. Remember your first tent or camping trip?

I recall as a young boy going on tent camping trips with the family, and trips with my dad hiking in the White Mountains of NH – staying overnight in one of their ‘hut’ cabins. Carrying everything that you might possibly need in your backpack. Lots of memories. I’m sure you have many too.

As one progresses in life and years, tent camping may lead to picking up a camper trailer or RV. You’ve “been there – done that” with tenting and now it’s time to “rough it” a little less.

So lets jump into the topic:

Camper or RV Preparedness

For preparedness (or not), or as a prepper (or not) — everyone does bring along the basics for living in a trailer or RV. A basic supply of clothes, some food, pots and pans for cooking, cleaning supplies, all that normal stuff…

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