How Single Women Unknowingly Summon the Spirit of Jezebel

How Single Women Unknowingly Summon the Spirit of Jezebel byGINA R. PRINCE for Charisma News

Single women may or may not want to admit this, but we all have tampered with the spirit of Jezebel. Whenever we decide we have gotten tired of waiting on God for our husband, we take hold of the idea of marriage and try to control it. We try and make it happen. Control is one of Jezebel’s character traits, and manipulation is another. So, we meet someone, like or lust after them, then decide they are our husband.

We try to force what we strongly desire on them. We force fit them into a position they may or may not be created for. We manipulate, lie and fake or own character just so we can get what we want when we want it. What kind of relationship is that? What does God say about that?

I’ll tell you what, it is not pleasing to Him. As He watches His daughter repeating this same process over and over again, climbing out of one heartbreak after another. The Father is still loving on you and waiting for you to surrender, give it to Him totally and allow Him to heal you.

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Totally! Meaning not just saying you understand what He expects, then months later you repeat the cycle, but totally giving all of it to Him. Give Him your strong desire. That thirst for a man’s love and attention. That lust deep within that wants sex even though you are a believer, you are human.

Give the Father that fear of being alone, growing old alone and dying alone. Give Him those lies your mother told you, your friends told you or what that last man said. Someone will love you! You don’t have to live bound anymore. You don’t have to hurt anymore.

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