Brian Sims and Abortionist Are, Naturally, Losing Their Voice

Brian Sims and Abortionist Are, Naturally, Losing Their Voice by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

The fact of the matter is this – liberals are queering and aborting themselves from the conversation and from the planet. If you believe in abortion – you had better make your time on earth count as you are the end of the line. If you accept and approve of a homosexual lifestyle, well, you have the same problem – you are the end of the line. Reproduction is impossible if you murder your child and reproduction is extremely difficult and extremely expensive if you live a homosexual lifestyle – there will be no more representatives of your stance on the planet after a couple of generations.

Roe vs Wade passed in 1973 so we are headlong into the 3rd generation of murder victims voices being silenced. One more generation of full-on abortion, as Dr Turley describes, and the voices of abortionist will be silenced forever. Homosexuality as a lifestyle could be played out over another 2-3 generations, but, once again, no one to take their place. Conservatives having conservative babies will, naturally, create a more conservative world. Not to fear, God, once again, has this under control and we need not worry about things going astray.

“Instead of a baby we say fetus; instead of killing we say a aborting; instead of dissect we say research; instead of extermination chambers we say abortion clinics.” ~Chuck Norris

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