The Next 1.5 Minutes Will Impact Your Entire Day and Maybe A Lot More

The Next 1.5 Minutes Will Impact Your Entire Day and Maybe A Lot More by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Since the pope has recently announced the formation of chrislam and is now trying to pass off this false teaching as something from God and Jesus Christ the question of Christians and muslims worshiping the same God seems to be finding its way to the table more and more. Let me assure you we do not, nor will we ever, see muslims and Christians as worshiping the same God. We follow Christ through His teachings in the Holy Bible and we are not concerned with any modern re-interpretation of such. This is the whole reason we have a free banner ad to assist people in locating a King James Version Church on the home page of this website. The goal is to be as close to the Word and the Light as possible. We can not do that if we are continually bouncing around with fluffy new age versions of God’s Word. If that works for you, are you sure it’s working properly?

Pastor JD Greear presents a very interesting take on the interactions between Christians and muslims. What about the fact that sharia law muslims actually want to kill infidels where they stand? Somebody’s going to have to help me understand how having a conversation with someone that I know and understand wants to kill me is going to be helpful to expanding the Christian faith? What about being a good steward of the greatest gift of all from our Creator? Does that not count? It seems that today, more than ever, people have some kind of misguided notion that being a martyr is somehow what God wants from us. Is that what God wants from us?

J. D. Greear explains how the Christian and Muslim ideas of God are irreconcilably different; however, Greear suggests that it’s possible to work from some shared assumptions about God in apologetic conversations with Muslims.

What’s your take on what Pastor Greear has to say? The handful of comments under the video on YouTube seem to lean in a particular direction. If you would share your thoughts below I will reply to every one that participates. This is an important subject as islam and Christianity are the two largest religions on the planet and we need to figure out what’s happening between the two of us or we will surely find ourselves in our an all out holy war, especially with a pockets of muslims calling for jihad.

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