When Do We Believe What We Are Told?: Muslim Tells Christians – ‘Wake Up’ about Threat of Radical Islam

When Do We Believe What We Are Told?: Muslim Tells Christians – ‘Wake Up’ about Threat of Radical Islam by George Thomas * for CBN News

GNN Note – I believe what I see and report on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib almost daily. These are terrorist in the House with the power of OUR purse and OUR laws while they tell us, all the time, how much they hate us and how much our heritage, culture and history are meaningless to them. I believe them and want them out – not just out of the House, but out of our country, along with all the other ungrateful imported muslims that are not interested in assimilation.


As Sri Lankan authorities worry about the potential of more suicide attacks by the group behind the Easter Sunday bombings, one Muslim activist is issuing an urgent warning to Christians around the world about the growing and very real threat of radical Islam.

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“If Christians don’t wake up, if Christians leaders don’t wake up, then we Muslims who fled from extremists can’t help you anymore,” said Mohammad Tawhidi, a Muslim author from Australia. “We tried warning you.”

Tawhidi, a third-generation Iranian-born Muslim and author of The Tragedy of Islam, says political correctness is allowing radical Muslims with their dangerous and deadly ideology, to flourish.

“When we come to the West and try to warn the governments and intelligence agencies about what is happening, about the people we fled from, we have this new political correctness agenda that tells us that ‘oh, we are the racists, we are the ones who are traitors and the extremists need to be understood and embraced’.”

Tawhidi says even though the Islamic terror group ISIS lost its territory in Syria and Iraq, the group’s followers and sympathizers are still actively planning mayhem.

“We are fighting a real caliphate, not a so-called caliphate, this is the true extremist Islamist militant ideology that is taking over our lands and our countries,” Tawhidi warned.

This week, a German newspaper published an exhaustive study of all Islamic terror attacks around the world since the September 11, 2001, strikes on America.

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