Allen West: Why Do We Have the Second Amendment in America?

Allen West: Why Do We Have the Second Amendment in America? for CNS News

GNN Note – It’s really simple – the Founding Fathers understood there were two ways for the United States of America to remain a Republic and not become Venezuela – free press and armed citizens. If you can’t speak the truth and rat our the criminals in Washington DC and Silicon Valley and be able to shot back, well, you got nothing. If you don’t believe me, look at the people that were, literally ran over by authorities representing the government, in Venezuela on April 30, 2019.


I just got back to our home in Garland, Texas from the 148th National Rifle Association Annual Meeting of the Members and Convention. Yesterday, we had our full board meeting. I have already made my comments about that. However, unless you are living under a rock, off the grid, with no access to information, you realize why we have the Second Amendment in America … Venezuela.

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Back on April 19, 1775, the alarm went out that the British were coming, that they were marching inland. The Sons of Liberty knew what was at stake. Intelligence gathered was that the British were marching to conduct a daytime raid to destroy the weapons, armaments, and ammunition factory in Concord, Massachusetts. At that time there was no America. There was no Army. There was no federal government, but there was an ideal: liberty, freedom, and individual rights. And so, it was, simple men, armed men, took to the field at Lexington Green and did the unthinkable. They fired the shot that was heard ’round the world. They decided to live free, or die, to make a stand against the greatest military power known at that time. They set in course that which we now call these United States of America.

Even though they did not stop the British at Lexington Green, they made a stand, one that was made known. They also bought time for others to rally, and they let the British know that they would fight back. It was another group of patriots that met the British at Concord Bridge and delivered a resounding punch, and they continued to fire upon the British as they exfiltrated back to Boston. The seminal fight for liberty had begun, a fight that continues to this day. What these patriots taught us, if we shall listen, is that an armed individual can be a citizen, with rights … and unarmed individual is nothing more than a subject.

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