Swine Fever DEVASTATING China’s Pork Industry – over 1/3rd of pigs now DEAD

Swine Fever DEVASTATING China’s Pork Industry – over 1/3rd of pigs now DEAD by:  for Natural News

One third of all the pigs in China are either dead from African Swine Fever or have been executed by farmers in fear of the deadly virus spreading among other close-quarter pigs. Meanwhile, prices for pig meat in China have skyrocketed 70 percent already, with more hikes in the works if things don’t change, and fast. This is a massive inflation flux weighing heavily on China’s main source of protein.

Will China crack down and clean up their CAFO problems after most of their pigs get wiped out by the “pig plague of 2019?” Just how bacteria-infested are the confined animal feeding operations in China? Is it worse than in the U.S.A.? Could it be? It’s pretty nasty here, and all the meat you get at fast food and chain store restaurants is coming from similar infested quarters.

Besides running a high fever, the pigs develop skin lesions and go into convulsions from Swine Fever, and then they’re dead within two weeks, especially the young ones. Caused by a small RNA virus, it’s not too different from BVDV (bovine viruses) and border disease (infectious abortions) of sheep, and it spreads rapidly and easily. Plus it’s resilient. The incubation period is less than two weeks, then death starts occurring just five to 15 days after clinical signs rear their ugly heads.

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Pandora’s box of questions opens up from this news. Will this horrifying hog cholera infiltrate the United States hog farms, or has it already?

What causes Swine Fever Virus in pigs, and how does it spread so easily and so quickly? You’ll be shocked when you find out

So take a big guess how the classic Swine Fever Virus (SFV) starts. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Swine Fever Virus begins when farmers feed their pigs infected pigs. Yes, you read that right. SFV is caused by involuntary cannibalism. The pigs are fed infected pork products, and have absolutely no choice in the matter, if that’s all they’re fed. The pig eats the virus from another dead pig. It’s like mad cow disease.

Question is, how long until citizens of the U.S.A. begin getting sick like when they eat bio-sludge (‘processed’ and reduced human waste)? Maybe that’s why the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease pandemics are sweeping across America now. So it’s not just the aluminum, canola, and vegetable shortening.

Meanwhile, back at the CAFO ranches, SFV survives in its environment for extended lengths, in worker’s clothes, in their vehicles, and even on the equipment. Yep. Even healthy pigs can incubate the virus infection, or they could have already beaten it and survived, but still be excreting it for quite some time, infecting all those pigs around it, that are most likely wallowing in feces when they’re not eating their cannibalistic meals.

When will African Swine Fever Virus spread to the U.S.A.?

Just this past March (2019), U.S. federal agents seized a million pounds of (suspected tainted) pork that was being smuggled from China into the U.S. They discovered the contaminated meat in more than 50 shipping containers at ports of New York and New Jersey. China is literally shipping and smuggling inside disguised containers the very virus that’s wiped out a third of their pigs. Is that a form of biological warfare?

The deadly SFV has already shown up in Eastern Europe and Russia and devastated entire sounders and litters of swine. Is the U.S. ready to lose $30 – $50 billion a year due to a swine virus outbreak? Will all the U.S. meat eaters then turn into cannibals themselves, like this zombie-woman at the McDonald’s drive through early in the morning when they say they’re out of chicken McNuggets? Maybe she just got the Polio vaccine and she’s been eating some Soylent Green. Hard to say.

Maybe this is why vaccines cause so much illnesses, autism, paralysis, coma, neurotic problems, immune system crashes, and death – because they’re laced with proteins from human beings – abortion cells. That’s cannibalism right there. That’s like the Swine Fever Virus. Read the vaccine insert and it warns you about high fever, skin rashes, diarrhea and convulsions. It’s called vaccine rage phenomenon, and it’s real.

Plus, with vaccines, it’s recombinant human albumin, meaning insane scientists genetically modify the abortion cells and then the CDC recommends you inject them into pregnant women, all babies the day they’re born, and 70 total vaccines before age seven. What a massive and insidious scam.

Currently, a deadly pig virus is inside the Rotateq Rotavirus vaccine. It’s called circovirus, and there are two LIVE strains being used. Seriously. This is Western Medicine at it’s most insane level. It’s more insidious than chemotherapy. Nothing about today’s vaccines is “safe” or “effective.”

It has been revealed that some insane pediatrician from a children’s hospital in Philadelphia (nicknamed CHOP) created a childhood vaccine using this deadly Asian swine virus, for no good reason, and the CDC helped him get rich from the sale of the patent. Why isn’t this medical clown in jail yet? Children get severe diarrhea and some kids’ intestines get tangled up inside and they die after getting the infamous Rotavirus vaccine. Hmm? Is it really that difficult to figure THAT one out? Now we see how this doctor creates “clients for life.” What a scum bag.

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