‘Latina Mama’ Warns Pete Buttigieg: ‘Don’t Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children’

‘Latina Mama’ Warns Pete Buttigieg: ‘Don’t Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children’ By Michael W. Chapman for CNS News

GNN Note – Just because a very, very small percentage of coastal liberals believe homosexuality is acceptable doesn’t mean for a minute the majority of this country accept it. If you read the Bible, it seems to be fairly clear about homosexuality. Why is it the muslim and Jewish communities are extremely vocal on this issue while the Christian community sits back and says it’s perfectly okay? Just wondering.


Ana Samuel, Ph.D., a research scholar at the Witherspoon Institute and founder of the marriage movement CanaVox, warned 2020 Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg that his homosexual ideology is dangerous to the nation and that she and millions of other Latina mothers with traditional family values will “be polite” towards gay activists but will also resist “policies that assault our values, harm our families, and hurt our children.”

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Ana Samuel is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and her husband is an Argentine immigrant; they have six children. She is a graduate of Princeton University and her Ph.D. in politics is from the University of Notre Dame. Pete Buttigieg, 37, is the mayor South Bend, Ind., and running for the Democratic presidential nomination. He is openly gay and “married” to a man, Chastan Glezman. Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard University and Pembroke College, Oxford.

In a commentary for Public Discourse, The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute, Samuel wrote “A Message to Mayor Pete From a Latina Mama: Don’t Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children.'”

Samuel noted that Buttigieg has tweeted that some people are often “polite to you in person” but then support policies that are contrary to the LGBT agenda — that “harm you and your family.” This tweet’s “sub-text,” according to Samuel, “is that anyone who refuses to cheer for same-sex marriage or support the Left’s sexual ideology is a bigot—someone who is out to harm Mayor Pete and his family.”

But this “cuts both ways,” wrote Samuel, specifically naming “policies that undermine our parental rights and duties by seeking to indoctrinate our children in progressive sexual ideology without our consent and sometimes in spite of our explicit protest.”

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