Vaccines Work!! Oh, Wait….

Vaccines Work!! Oh, Wait…. by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

If vaccines are so awesome and work to protect people from whatever the injection claims to protect people if a person is injected they should be protected, right? If the vaccine works as described why would it matter if someone is not vaccinated – a person that is vaccinated is supposedly protected so it shouldn’t matter if anyone else is vaccinated. Unless of course there are doubts about the injection actually working as described – This just in…they don’t work as described! Proven once again.

NBC: 20 cases of mumps at IU Fraternity. All are vaccinated.

20 cases of mumps have been confirmed at Indiana University’s main campus in Bloomington. 16 of the infected patients have recovered and returned to class, 3 remain in isolation and a few others are pending lab test results.

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