Central American Migrants Paid Human Smugglers $2.3B in 2017, Says Report

Central American Migrants Paid Human Smugglers $2.3B in 2017, Says Report by Bob Price for Breitbart

GNN Note –  A few years ago RAND Corporation, a company that exist only on tax payers funding – without no-bid contracts granted by the federal government this satanic globalist entity would not exist, but I digress, RAND a few years ago produced a report about activity on “dark web”. I will ask you the same as I ask people back then – how do access the so-called “dark web”? Where does it exist? By the very nature of this entity shouldn’t it be something that is somewhat hidden? If that’s the case how could RAND Corporation produce a detailed report on activity?

I am now going to ask the same questions about human trafficking. Either RAND Corporation is involved or the following report is 100% made up nonsense. This report is supposedly covering one of the most heinous crimes on the planet – organ harvesting and open market slavery would be about the same – How do this organization gather information around a crime that is suppose to very hush-hush?


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A RAND Corporation report released Monday reveals that Central American migrants paid human smugglers more than $2 billion in 2017 to get them into the United States.

RAND Corporation’s Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center reveals Central American migrants paid human smugglers, including transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) up to about $2.5 billion in smuggling fees and “taxes” in 2017.

During Fiscal Year 2017, Border Patrol agents apprehended migrants crossing the border in near-record low levels. Agents apprehended only 303,916 migrants during that fiscal year, including 75,622 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) and 41,435 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), according to the FY2017 Southwest Border Migration Report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

During the first six months of the current fiscal year, agents already exceeded the total FY2017 apprehensions with the arrest of 361,087 migrants. Those include a record-setting 189,584 FMUAs and an additional 35,898 UACs.

“Cartels + criminal organizations run a profit-driven enterprise trafficking human beings across our border,” U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted in response to the RAND report.

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