How Jezebel Uses Your Generational Line to Control You

How Jezebel Uses Your Generational Line to Control You by KATHY DEGRAW for Charisma Mag

Jezebel and controlling spirits do not only operate through women, but do primarily activate through women. It begins with our mothers and then goes down the generational line. You may not see a woman as having control, but being a deliverance minister and leading many people through individual ministry sessions, I’ve never found a woman who didn’t have control in her. Control can be difficult to identify since it can manifest out of people differently.

Not everything is a demonic spirit. People can like to be in control if they feel as if they have lost control, have been controlled, or have an organized, type-A personality.

Think back to your childhood. Is there something that your mom or dad spoke that still effects how you think today? The words they spoke draw you into thinking about something they said that controls you and effects your actions today. A thought comes forth such as, “Don’t do this; Mom wouldn’t like it” or “I better do it that way because that is what mom would want.”

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Comments such as:

  1. Don’t go out of the home without looking nice, (having makeup and hair done for ladies).
  2. The house must be clean. Scrub those counters clean again, so all the germs are gone.
  3. Don’t drive in the snow; the roads are slippery; you might get in an accident.

What thoughts do you continuously hear today in your mind from your past?

Let’s break the three examples down to how they can be controlling you today.

  1. Some women literally can’t go to the store without makeup. They always have to look their best, not because they want to, but because they are in bondage to it. When they try to leave the house to go to the gas station, they hear in their mind the thought from their childhood that they shouldn’t leave their home without looking nice. I had one lady stop coming to my weekly ministry meetings because the glory was so strong she would cry the entire time. She told me she couldn’t come anymore because her makeup would always get ruined.

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