Orban: EU Elections ‘Will Decide Christian Culture or Multicultural Future For Europe’

Orban: EU Elections ‘Will Decide Christian Culture or Multicultural Future For Europe’ by Jack Montgomery for Breitbart

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has launched his party’s EU Parliament elections campaign, depicting the upcoming contest as a continent-wide clash between pro-borders, pro-sovereignty insurgents and the forces of open borders globalism.

The Fidesz leader said the May elections — in which the United Kingdom may have to participate despite voting for Brexit almost three years ago, due to Prime Minister Theresa May’s repeated efforts to delay it — would be an occasion where “Europe will choose its future“.

“Will Europe remain European or will we give way to the masses coming from other cultures?” he asked.

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“[W]e will decide whether we protect our Christian European culture or give way to multiculturalism.”

This decision will take the form of a relatively straight choice across all EU member-states, in Prime Minister Orbán’s view, falling “between EU leaders from the pro-immigration parties or from those that oppose immigration.”

The Hungarian leader has made it very clear which side of the fence he sits on, making efforts to build bridges with Italy’s populist Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, whose League (Lega) party could become the largest in the European Parliament if current polling proves accurate.

While Prime Minister Orbán still appears willing to back a clean break with the EU, as some of his Brexiteer admirers hope, he has adopted an increasingly critical position on the bloc in advance of the elections, making it clear that he sees them as a chance to push for much-needed reform.

“Hungarians, who have been protecting Europe for a thousand years, want the EU, but we are fed up with the way things are going in Brussels,” he said.

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