California scientists developing cow-free dairy milk from GMO yeast and 3D printed milk proteins

California scientists developing cow-free dairy milk from GMO yeast and 3D printed milk proteins by  for Health Nut News

GNN Note – Do I really want to ingest “printed” milk? Can you say FrankenFood? Sure you can. The whole idea of “food” coming out of a lab or from a printer is beyond my comprehension and way beyond anything I would be willing to accept as normal. More evidence of these satanic globalist playing god.


If you read that title and thought to yourself, “What the actual, what?” you aren’t alone. I was just as shocked.

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We’ve already shared with you that lab-created meat is coming soon to a store near you. And of course, this likely didn’t shock anyone because, over the last couple of years, all sorts of lab-created, GM things (and insects) have been introduced into the food chain; corn, soy, potatoes- even GM salmon. But this might be the oddest (and scariest) of all: using GM yeast, lab-created milk, without a drop of actual dairy, is coming:

“Now, a Berkeley, California company is taking things a step further, announcing plans to ‘disrupt’ the dairy industry with a new product made from 3D printed milk proteins, as part of a process than prominently involves GMO yeast.

The brainchild of Ryan Pandya, formerly of the Bill Gates funded Biotech and vaccine company MassBiologics, and co-founder Perumal Gandhi, the company Perfect Day aims to produce cow-free milk with the goal of disrupting the dairy industry.

This new type of dairy will be made from food grade GMO yeast that has been altered through gene sequencing and 3D printing to produce proteins identical to those found in cow’s milk.”1

(And, not to be outdone, “lab-created ‘gene silenced’ GMO foods like strawberries and wheat are also in the pipeline after a recent $125 million deal with Monsanto.”1)

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