Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Religion of Peace Strikes Again and Again and Again and Again by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

It’s still very confusing to me how the liberal left can support a group of people that, literally, are quiet possibly the most intolerant people on earth. Muslims that support sharia law and its doctrine are over the top, especially, towards women, gays and infidels. Please keep in mind this is merely one incident in a very, very long list of the same hate-filled violence towards anyone, anything that is not “compliant” with their barbarism. When was the last time you entered a Buddist or Christian “no go zone”? The scene below is happening in London a predominantly Christian city within a Christian nation. Let that sink in for just a minute.

Then there’s this…not even sure what to think about this. Religion of Peace and it’s awesome women’s rights program!!

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Let’s not forget these fine upstanding citizens.

Please keep in mind these three items are just that – three items showing a pattern of something I would rather not be part of, I would rather not support and I would rather not have in my neighborhood, my state or my country. Too harsh? Okay.

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