How You Can Become a Carrier of God’s Glory

How You Can Become a Carrier of God’s Glory by SHAWN A. AKERS for Charisma Mag

Most of us who follow Christ would say we want to carry the glory of God in our lives. We’d love to see God’s power move through our lives and be a carrier of His glory through the supernatural. But how do we do that?

Jennifer Eivaz, known as the “praying prophet,” experienced this same longing. But one thing was missing. And once Eivaz, co-executive pastor of Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, California, recognized the missing element and pursued it, signs and wonders began to “flow through her life naturally,” she says.

“I love to see people set free through healing and deliverance and things like that, but it wasn’t happening for me,” Eivaz said on a recent episode of “Charisma Connection” on the Charisma Podcast Network. “I went through years struggling to feel connection with the Holy Spirit. I needed to be able to identify His presence.

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“I began to take note of those who walked consistently in His power, and they all said the same thing. They all said I have to have a relationship, a friendship with the Holy Spirit, and that I must pursue His presence. That is a must for you to be able to carry His glory.”

But, Eivaz says, it all begins with the heart.

“In my prayer life, I am always after a felt connection with the spirit of God,” Eivaz says. “And in order to have that, it often means I have to deal with my heart. My prayer time is really about connection and presenting my heart in whatever way it needs to be transformed so I can deepen my connection with the Spirit of God.

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