‘Doctor’ Advises Threatening Suicide To Get Transgender Treatments For Kids

‘Doctor’ Advises Threatening Suicide To Get Transgender Treatments For Kids By  for The Federalist

At a public library, Wallace Wong proudly described his children-only ‘gender therapy’ practice, noting that his youngest client is not yet three and that he has 501 foster kids in his practice.

Last month, Justice Gregory Bowden of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada ruled that a 14-year-old girl may begin receiving testosterone injections without parental consent. Bowden’s ruling, hailed as a “massive legal win” by the American LGBTQNation, ensured treatment would proceed without parental influence by declaring that if either of the girl’s parents refer to their daughter as a girl, they will be considered guilty of family violence under the Canadian Family Law Act.

In a text exchange with her father, Clark*, 14-year-old Maxine* indicated that she felt good about her injections and “will stay on it.” But Maxine’s father, alarmed by the negative physical consequences of cross-sex hormones on children and the dubious grounds on which his own daughter was persuaded to pursue them, is desperately seeking a reversal of Bowden’s decision in the BC Court of Appeal.

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“[These injections] will completely disrupt her puberty,” he said. “Her bones will stop growing, her brain will stop developing… and she’s not gonna be a boy. She won’t even have the bone-strength left to be a girl anymore.”

“I will give up everything to try and save her…. I don’t think they understand how much a father can care about his daughter and fight for her,” he said. This means lawyers, affidavits, endless stalling from respondents, and the sometimes mind-boggling prospect of trying to convince judges that your physically healthy 14-year-old daughter should not be loaded up with puberty blockers and testosterone.

A month out from Bowden’s ruling, Clark is yet to get a definite date on which to make his case before the BC Court of Appeal.

Last Monday, however, new information surfaced that may favor Clark’s chances before the bench. Dr. Wallace Wong, the psychologist who labeled Maxine transgender, is facing calls for an inquiry into the conduct of his practice.

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