‘There Was a Beginning’: Famous Geophysicist Explains Why Christian Creation Theory Makes Sense

‘There Was a Beginning’: Famous Geophysicist Explains Why Christian Creation Theory Makes Sense by for Faith Wire

GNN Note – We have noted for the past year or so this to be the case.

When you think about science and God arguably the two most significant scientific discoveries in all of cosmology in the last 100 years points strongly to God.

One, that the universe has a beginning. If it has a beginning then there had to be something that got it started. There had to be something that gave it that beginning.

Not only do I think that science doesn’t disprove God but I actually think that only God proves science. Source

We will continue using this quote as it sums up the whole science / faith argument in just a couple of sentences.


Stephen C. Meyer is a geophysicist and author of New York Times bestseller, “Darwin’s Doubt.” Despite not being a Christian himself, after years of scientific study, Meyer came to the conclusion that there simply must be an intelligent designer behind our creation.

In addition, contrary to many within his discipline, Meyer believes that expert scientific study of the origins of the universe can conclude a number of assertions that are in common with the central tenets of theistic beliefs. In a wide-ranging interview on the Ben Shapiro Show, Meyer also criticized Darwin’s evolutionary theory as being unable to answer the biggest question of all — how did life actually begin?

Intelligent Design vs. Creationism

“Creationism is an interpretation from religious authority, whereas intelligent design is an inference from biological and physical, cosmological evidence,” Meyer noted of the differences between the two belief systems. “One starts from data of the natural world, one starts from Scripture.”

In addition, Meyer said, most creationists “hold to the view that the earth is very young — created maybe 10,000 years ago,” before qualifying that he himself is an “old earth” guy.

Interestingly, despite evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin often being heralded as the enemy of those who believe in a creator God, for Meyer, Darwin modeled what it meant to investigate the big questions of life with rigor and scientific integrity. Despite following Darwin’s scientific method, however, Meyer came to very different conclusions.

Darwin had a “principle of reasoning” that he used to help him understand cause and effect on some of the biggest questions of life.

“It is possible to formulate a case for intelligent design in a strictly scientific manner,” Meyer said. “When we think about the origin of information, it always arises from an intelligent source.”

Whether it is a “hieroglyphic inscription, a paragraph in a book, or information embedded in a radio signal, whenever you find information, you trace it back to its source, you always come to a mind not a process,” Meyer explained.

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