Prophecy: God Will Reveal Key Insights at Perfect Kairos Moment

Prophecy: God Will Reveal Key Insights at Perfect Kairos Moment by JOE JOE DAWSON for Charisma Mag

Many times, people will talk to me about their purpose and their destiny, and they will say things like, “I know my dreams, my calling and what my talents are, and I am moving forward in them. But I just need a little bit more instruction from the Lord and more clarity about my direction.”

I really believe that our destiny is like a puzzle with hundreds of pieces to it. If you are missing many of the puzzle pieces, you’re not going to be able to get the full picture of the puzzle. But every time you put a puzzle piece down, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. It is the same way with our destiny. I believe many people are going to receive those key pieces of wisdom insight, knowledge and understanding from the Lord in this season to make the picture of what He is wanting to do even clearer.

The Lord spoke this to me: “uninformed to informed.” God began to speak to me about how some people are uninformed for a reason. Those key pieces of insight will not be revealed to you until the perfect, prophetic timing of God lines up and then you will move from being uninformed to informed. When we receive clarity like this from the Lord, and the kairos moment comes, then we can move forward and step into all that God has for us to accomplish.

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If you are feeling uninformed in this season, focus on what God is wanting to develop in you during the process. When we start to walk in the fullness of our destiny, our character and integrity must match our ability, gifts and talents or we will fail. God wants to establish a firm foundation in your spirit of character and integrity before He releases the fullness of what He has for you.

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