China’s Christian Oppression Takes Down Another Major House Church

China’s Christian Oppression Takes Down Another Major House Church for Assist News

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BEIJING, CHINA (ANS) — More than 20 police officers and other Chinese government officials raided a Bible school class at Beijing’s Shouwang Church.

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The authorities demanded the church to cease its activities immediately and read out an official document formally banning the church, according to International Christian Concern (ICC), which said the raid occurred on Saturday, March 23, at around 1:50 p.m.

Members of Shouwang Church sing hymns

ICC says authorities also demanded Pastor Zhang Xiaofeng sign and keep a document claiming that the church ‘has conducted activities as a social organization without registration, which is in violation of Regulations of Religious Affairs and Regulations on the Registration and Management of Social Organizations.’

All of the students who were in attendance were taken to a nearby school and questioned by authorities. Several other Christians from another location affiliated with Shouwang were also detained, brought to the school, and interrogated. All those detained were asked to sign a letter of guarantee that they will no longer attend Shouwang, to which they refused. The Christians were only sent homes hours later by local police offices.

In the meantime, the officials switched out the locks at the locations of both raids in order to prevent Shouwang Church members from returning.

Shouwang Church is one of the largest house churches in Beijing and is attended by more than 1,000 people. It was targeted and heavily persecuted for its refusal to join the state-sanctioned church in 2011. Its senior pastor, Jin Tian-ming, and two other pastors have been under house arrest ever since and its purchased property is still confiscated by the Chinese government.

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