Brexit Chaos: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

Brexit Chaos: Will They Stay or Will They Go? by Dale Hurd for CBN News

GNN Note – We pray they leave and never look back. The EU is a system of control and debt enslavement. Placing a nation like Greece on par with a nation like France is unrealistic. Both are very fine nations and filled with awesome, hard working people. Their economic structures make it almost impossible to be on par with one another.


LONDON – For those British who believe leaving the European Union will be a disaster, it seems that the world will not end on March 29 after all. It could also end on April 12th. Or possibly May 22nd.

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Brexit dates and the facts keep changing. And if you’ve given up trying to understand what’s happening with Brexit, get in line. It’s a challenge for everyone, journalists included.

‘Brexit Fatigue’

This nation has developed Brexit fatigue. London accountant John Tuite admitted, “I’m still very confused. I’ve been trying to keep track of it.”

Russell Robinson, a technology company executive said of Brexit, “I’m fed up with it.”

So while Britain remains and divided as ever over Brexit, most agree they want this ordeal to be over. “It’s gone on far too long. I think everyone is getting really fed up,” newspaper seller Kristen Murrell believes.

London resident Patrick Whittome said he wants “a resolution frankly because probably like the rest of the country I’m bored with it. I would like a deal or a no-deal. But I just would like it to come to an end.”

Is Britain Headed for Catastrophe?

But what kind of end? And why has the British government put the army on standby? Does it fear pro-Brexit protesters like Pam Watts, who said, “If you want riots in the street, if you want people like me out there actually talking ‘revolution,’ fine, go ahead, take Brexit away.”

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