3 Reasons You Need to See ‘Unplanned’ This Weekend

3 Reasons You Need to See ‘Unplanned’ This Weekend by TESS FARRAND/MOVIEGUIDE for Charisma Mag

TDC Note – We are going to it this weekend before it’s pulled for “triggered” reasoning or other nonsensical excuse. Liberals are long on excuses and short on reasoning. Not sure how I feel about the “gut-wrenching scenes” as I usually don’t do well with that type of imagery, but I will soldier though.


On March 29, 2019, the pro-life movie Unplanned opens in theaters, following the true-life events of former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson.

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Movieguide® had the privilege of attending the red-carpet premiere of Unplanned in Hollywood, California, and after talking with the filmmakers behind the movie and some of the cast, we came away with three reasons why everyone should support this upcoming movie.

  1. Unplanned shows the horrors of abortion.

If you don’t know how abortions take place, prepare for some gut-wrenching scenes. The Christian filmmakers behind Unplanned don’t shy away from depicting the evil that takes place to remove a baby from its mother’s womb. The visuals are powerful, something that Abby Johnson noted when Movieguide® talked to her on the red carpet. “Visually, we are moved in a different way than what we are [moved] by [when] we read. So, I knew that it was very important that we put this up on the screen for people to see. Our culture is desperately looking for truth on this issue, [and] that’s exactly what they’re going to get in this film.”

Lead actress Ashley Bratcher, who plays, Abby said, “I think the general public has no idea what happens during a procedure, and I’m really, really looking forward to ripping back the curtain, saying this is the truth, and you get to make the decision for yourself. It’s an opportunity for people to have a conversation about what’s really happening behind the scenes,” she concluded.

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